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Wednesday, December 28, 2005 

Age of Empires-3-Invincible units

Go to the folder containing all of the AOE 3 stuff. Open the folder called data. Right click proto.xml and go to open with and choose notepad. Press CTRL and F. Type in the name of the unit you want to find, e.g.: Explorer. Scroll down until you see all kinds of things starting with . Anywhere in that area, make a new column and press CTRL and TAB twice. Type:


and on another line type:


Save the file then open AOE 3. Send your explorer into battle. HE WILL NEVER DIE!

Note: This secret affects enemy units as well as your own.
Another Note: If you go all crazy and try to type stupid stuff like PWNALLTHEM!!! and the game crashes, it is enitrely your fault.

Friday, December 09, 2005 

Age 3 Champions Tour

Artosis wrote in AS forums :

"Get ready for the launch of the Age 3 Champions Tour. The tour is going to be a series of tournaments held every weekend for the next two months. Competitors will accumulate points based on their finishes in each tournament. At the end of the two month period, the top players will compete in the tour finals, for a prize of $200.

Head over to http://age3ct.blogspot.com for more information and to sign up for the first tournament of the tour."


AOE3 Patch 1.02

Patch 1.02 for Age of Empires III has been released now, though the changes were announced earlier. You can download it by connecting to the online matchmaking service, ESO.

A couple of the major changes are the addition of large maps and a hotkey editor. Various other bugs have been corrected as well, but there is some concern from the community that the clientside changes are very minimal. Still, it'll enhance the game and possibly fix it for those having issues, you can see the full list of changes here.

By: SoggyFrog

Sunday, November 20, 2005 

How to play Dutch in AOE3

The strength of the Dutch civilization is regarded, almost falsely, as being economical on the basis that they have banks. However, banks are extremely expensive early in the game and the game needs to last for them to have any worthwhile effect. Dutch settlers cost coin, which is gathered less quickly than food, and most other civilizations have economic bonuses that let them produce more or better settlers. The bank advantage can be quite useful in longer games, but few games last for a Dutch player to reap those benefits.

Many games can and will be decided in the Colonial Age, making the army line-up of the Dutch in that period well worth a look. The Dutch lack both crossbowmen and musketeers, and have no unique Colonial Age units—unless you count the skirmisher. Having the skirmisher, an anti-infantry unit one age earlier, is a more subtle bonus, but a potentially powerful one. If your micromanagement skills are good, they combat effectively any unit, including cavalry and early artillery.

[This article is written by SoggyFrog and found on TTA]


Civilization info-The Dutch in AOE3

Dutch are not the best civilization in the game but there may be some hidden infomation that you might not know about them. Perhaps Dutch can be also playable as French. Who knows? In this article, you can find pretty much detailed info about Dutch. Basically, Jasper is talking about following things. And he did a good job writing this article.

  • Historical background information about the Dutch military units in AOE3

  • Unavailable regular units

  • Available regular units

    • “Prinsenvlag” (Prince Flag)

    • The Hussars

    • The Grenadiers

    • The Skirmishers

    • The Artillery

  • Unique Dutch Military Units

    • The “Ruyter”

    • The Nassau Halberdier

  • Naval warfare

    • The Fluyt

It is much on historical than units stat in the game. But it is a great article and still worth reading. This article is written by Jesper van den Berg (aka gorbag orc) and can be read here. (Link)

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